Take a second and think about if you remember the last time you had cotton candy. Maybe your parents  bought you a cone on a stick. Was it pink or blue? Was it sugary, sticky and oh so sweet? Either way I bet it brought you so much joy!  That joy what I love most about cotton candy. From a child to an adult… no matter your age, cotton candy brings a  huge smile to any face.

Over here at Hey Sugar we have taken that nostalgic, photogenic treat and made it modern using only organic cane sugar, natural flavors and colors. We don’t add any sugar or preservatives and instead pack it full or unique flavors. We sell it fresh on a stick and in packaged containers at markets. We also do a lot of catering and would love the opportunity to bring it to your event!

So, how does it work? For starters, we would love to hear a little about your event! Finding out more details about what you are planning can help us figure out the best package for you. One twirl artist for two hours at a birthday party? Two twirl artists for one hour at your reception cocktail hour? A twirl artist for three hours after dinner as a dessert or late night snack after hours on the dance floor? It’s totally up to you!

Once we nail down the details you can stop into our shop and taste flavors! This is one of  the very best parts if you ask me. We have over 30 flavor options for you to choose from and can also create custom flavors just for you!

Once you have booked your event and chosen flavors, you can relax and leave the rest up to us!  We will show up at your event with our cart, flavored sugar and cones ready to spin fresh fluff for your guests the entire time we are there! Cotton candy is photogenic, unique and will keep your guests talking about your event long after the confetti has settled.

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