Our Unique Cotton Candy Flavors

All flavors can be ordered online as 1.9oz containers for $7.50 each.
Turn around time is 7 business days, and the shelf life is 4 months if kept in a cool, dry place.
Not only are we making gifting extra sweet this year, but we are also making it easy! Click on which holiday collection you would like…
Gingerbread spice and everything nice
Sometimes there isn’t anything that satisfies your cotton candy craving like the original pink vanilla flavor!
Milky salted chocolate with a hint of marshmallow, this will make you want to curl up with a blanket and a book. 
Natural cherry flavors colored a dark gray with activated charcoal powder because, why not whiten your teeth while eating a sweet treat. 
Cotton Candy for breakfast? We’re big fans.
Both pretty in pink, Bubble gum and cotton candy both take you back to your childhood with a modern twist.
Sweet with the perfect amount of tart.
There isn’t anything like a traditional candy cane during the holidays. And our Candy Cane cotton candy is a unique twist but with the same…
Our best holiday seller, this buttery, shortbread taste makes the PERFECT stocking stuffer or holiday exchange gift.
Tangy orange mixed with creamy vanilla.  You will scream for this Creamsicle.
With its light and sweet flavor, Champagne Bubbles will keep you remembering the party long after the confetti settles. So cheers to good times and…
Ahhh, the classic vanilla and root beer combination. A couple bites in and you will almost be able to feel a frosted mug in your…
A perfect mix of your favorite tropical fruits and sunshine to brighten your day.
Blueberry and mint twirled together… a delicious and surprising flavor combination!
Close your eyes and think of the best birthday cake you’ve ever had and put that in cotton candy form!
Pineapple and coconut perfectly swirled together so you will feel like you are in paradise sipping a drink with a little umbrella in hand.
Creamy, elegant, smooth and rich with a delightful twist.
If you think fresh Raspberry couldn’t get any sweeter, you haven’t had this perfectly pink fluff of deliciousness.
Caramel cotton candy sprinkled with Himalayan sea salt; the perfect sweet and savory combination.

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