Our wholesale Glitter Bombs are offered in a variety of flavors. Each case contains 12 individual Glitter Bombs. For an assortment of our most popular…
Our wholesale Cotton Candy is offered in a variety of flavors. Each case contains 6 1.9oz tubs.
Sometimes there isn’t anything that satisfies your cotton candy craving like the original pink vanilla flavor!
Having a get together or need more of a fix than our 1.9 oz classic tubs? Our NEW party tubs are perfect! Filled with 6oz of our all natural cotton candy, the party tub is sure to be a hit long after the confetti settles.
Milky salted chocolate with a hint of marshmallow, this will make you want to curl up with a blanket and a book. 
Natural cherry flavors colored a dark gray with activated charcoal powder because, why not whiten your teeth while eating a sweet treat. 
Cotton Candy for breakfast? We’re big fans.
Both pretty in pink, Bubble gum and cotton candy both take you back to your childhood with a modern twist.
Sweet with the perfect amount of tart.
The Mama-Needs-A-Cocktail Collection You know who she is and you know what she needs. Thrill them with 3 full size tubs or a small flight.…
A Cake. Made of ONLY cotton candy! What a perfect way to celebrate. You choose your cotton candy flavor and we will make a cake…
This is for the cotton candy enthusiast. One of every flavor we carry (including our current three seasonal flavors) totaling 17 flavors.