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Glitter Bombs


Woah… life just got a whole lot fancier! Drop your cotton candy “bomb” into a drink (we recommend Champagne, sparkling water or a carbonated drink but the possibilities are endless. Glitter coffee and glitter beer, anyone?) and watch as the cotton candy slowly melts and the glitter takes over. This fine, tasteless edible glitter will take your drink to another level!

Perfect for:

Gender reveals (think dropping in your glitter bombs to find either blue or pink glitter!)
Bachelorette parties
Birthday parties
At the Spa
Specialty bar drinks
… or if you are like me, just sitting home alone to be fancy!

Color options are:

  • Ocean Blue
  • Baby Blue
  • Pretty in Pink
  • Sparkling Silver
  • Yellow Gold
  • Emerald Green
  • Champagne Rose Gold
  • Violet Purple
  • Deep Turquoise
  • Diamond White

Please note: Glitter bombs do not have a long shelf life (2-3 weeks) and are meant to be used right away. Please write the date of your event or the day you will be gifting them, and we will work hard to ship them in a timely manner to keep them as fresh as possible!

How to use: Clear, carbonated drinks work best! We recommend dropping the bomb into your drink first, and then filling your glass with your drink of choice. All Glitter bombs add a light, sweet flavor to your drink.