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Sugar Cubes


Our new themed Sugar Cube gift boxes feature our most popular cotton candy flavors alongside thoughtfully curated items for the sweet ones on your Christmas list!

Warm + Cozy
Staying at home this winter is about to get a little bit sweeter!
A tub of our Spiced Apple Cider or Christmas Cookie cotton candy pairs with a cozy pair of socks, a cute mug, and maybe scented candle to keep the winter chill. Items will vary but will be curated to this theme.

Rainbows and Unicorns
We like to think that life is all rainbows and unicorns – and princesses, too!
A glittery bath bomb is sure to delight alongside a tub of our charmingly pink Bubble Gum cotton candy. A sweet lollipop, a sweet treat temporary tattoos or a stocker and a lip balm round out this cube for the quintessential girly girl. Items will vary but your girl will love it!

Cotton Candy Awesome
For the OG lover in your life.
Our fluff favorite, The OG, is the star of this cube! But we couldn’t stop there – All things cotton candy take this box to the next level. Cotton candy bath bombs. Cotton candy lip balm. Cotton candy taffy. Cotton candy everything. (Are we a little extra? Maybe. But we know what we love!)

Hot Mess Express Mama 
For that Target goin’, coffee drinkin’, messy bun mama in your life! Items will vary but all items will be perfect for that mama on your list!

Into the Wild
Release your inner roar with all things animal & dino in this box!

Let us come to the rescue with a superhero themed gift box for that kid in your life age 2-99!

Candy Lovers Dream 
Have a sugar lover on your hands? We will curate a box full of yummy treats.

Top Shelf
It will be Champagne Bubbles or Blueberry Mojito fluff for the discerning somebody who won’t accept anything less than the best! Glitter bombs for SURE along with other unique items.

Preteen Glam/Spa
Bath bombs, glitter masks, lip gloss and fluff totally go together!

Please note there are no returns/exchanges on gift box items. Items may vary but will be curated to your chosen theme. We are confident you will love your box!